Publications & News

The AAR publishes valuable information throughout the year in the form of digital and print publications, best practice guides and research reports from AAR working groups, and podcasts of Annual Meeting sessions. The AAR also regularly promotes the accomplishments of its highly active, diverse membership.

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Featured Publications

The AAR publishes print and online publications to serve members, foster excellence in the academic study of religion, and enhance public understanding of religion. Featured publications include the Journal of the American Academy of Religion; five academic book series published in partnership with Oxford University Press; Reading Religion, the AAR's open book review site; and Religious Studies News, the AAR's online magazine. 


The premier academic journal in religious studies, the Journal of the American Academy of Religion publishes top scholarly articles covering the full range of world religious traditions together with provocative studies of the methodologies by which these traditions are explored. AAR members have online access to current and archived issues of JAAR by using the "sign in via society site" option.

Member Access to JAAR


The AAR publishing program with Oxford University Press (OUP) produces quality scholarship, including many titles that have become essential tools in the development of the field and in the training of new scholars. AAR members receive a 30% discount on all books from the AAR-OUP series.

AAR-OUP Book Series


An open book review website published by the AAR, Reading Religion provides up-to-date coverage of scholarly publishing in religious studies, reviewed by scholars with special interest and/or expertise in the relevant subfields. Reviews are concise, comprehensive, and timely.

Reading Religion


Religious Studies News (RSN) is the AAR's online magazine, designed as a platform for students and professionals involved in the teaching and scholarship of religion. RSN communicates important events of the field and examines critical issues in education, pedagogy, theological education, research, publishing, and the public understanding of religion.

Religious Studies News


The AAR's newsroom captures recent developments in the field, notable member accomplishments—such as major publications, award announcements, and media mentions—as well as organizational updates and statements issued by the AAR Board of Directors. The AAR also shares action alerts from advocacy partners, including the National Humanities Alliance and American Council of Learned Societies. 


Beyond the Professoriate Spring 2021 Events

January 22, 2021


Bradley Fowler

Member Note: Public Scholarship


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Member Note: Books and Major Publications


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Member Note: Books and Major Publications


Phillis Isabella Sheppard

Member Note: Awards and Accomplishments


Ellen Goldberg, Aditi Sen, and Brian Collins

Member Note: Books and Major Publications

Data and Studies

As a learned society, the AAR includes among its primary responsibilities collecting and analyzing data about the field and monitoring trends in the profession that affect individuals and departments. The AAR has conducted and supported a number of studies on topics related to the academic study of religion and continues to promote relevant, timely data collection and analysis.

Guides and Best Practices

Over the years, AAR working groups have produced numerous guides for scholars—on topics such as getting published and presenting at the AAR Annual Meeting—and developed best practice documents for working with the media, teaching about religion in K-12 schools and higher education, and evaluating digital scholarship.