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Data and Studies

As a professional society, the AAR has conducted and supported a number of studies on topics related to the academic study of religion and continues to support relevant and timely data collection and analysis to support its members and pursue its strategic goals. Studies are organized to facilitate their use by members and are categorized broadly to the area most relevant to their content. Many studies contain data relevant to more than one topic, so the categories are not mutually exclusive.

Religion Departments and Programs

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Jobs Reports

To get a more accurate picture of employment trends in the field, the AAR and SBL created an online survey to track hirings by specialization and collect demographic information on job candidates. The surveys are sent each April to candidates and employers who registered for the previous November’s Employment Center. Longitudinal results will reveal information about what aspects of a candidate’s personal and professional life impact their ability to receive interviews and job offers.

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AAR Graduate Survey (2002)