2023 Call for Committee Nominations

Each year, members of the American Academy of Religion are invited to nominate persons to fill open positions on AAR Standing Committees and Juries. AAR Members may nominate themselves or others.

Nominations must be submitted through the AAR Nominations Submission System.

Nominations and the required supporting materials must be received by 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday, May 15, 2023.

Late, emailed, or incomplete nominations cannot be accepted.

Open Positions

This call for nominations is for open positions on the following AAR committees and juries, with service beginning on January 1, 2024:


Grant and Award Juries

Required Nomination Materials

To be eligible for consideration, nominations for all open positions must include a completed nomination form and the following supporting materials:

  1. A statement describing the nominee's interest in the position
  2. A current copy of the nominee's CV

Please note: If you nominate someone and do not have the supporting material at the time of the nomination, you need to contact your nominee to make sure that person submits the additional supporting material. Your nominee will need to submit their materials via the online submission form by the deadline. Due to the volume of nominations submitted, the AAR staff cannot notify the nominee and/or solicit the nominee for the supporting material.

Nominations without supporting materials are incomplete and cannot be considered.

Nominations Review

  • The AAR President, staff, and committee and jury chairs, will review all complete nominations submitted during the open call. 
  • As part of his presidential duties, AAR President Amir Hussain, will make appointment selections during summer 2023.
  • Presidential appointments are made on the basis of committee needs and goals, diversity of AAR volunteer leadership, and special initiatives taken by the President. In general, new appointments are not made for members who are currently serving on an AAR committee or jury.
  • Nominees who have been selected for appointment will be notified by December 1, 2023

If you have questions about particular assignments, please feel free to contact the AAR staff liaison. AAR committee and jury descriptions are available on the AAR website.

Submit a Nomination

For more instructions, click the “Submit a Nomination” button below which will take you to our nominations page accessible only to AAR members. 

Submit a Nomination


Please contact us at [email protected].