Academic Labor and Contingent Faculty Committee


The Committee supports the efforts of the American Academy of Religion to address a wide range of issues connected to educational institutions’ heavy reliance on contingent faculty, including those working on a part-time basis as well as single or multi-year contracts. The Committee advocates cultural and structural change to ensure just work conditions, pay, and collective bargaining rights for contingent faculty in order to foster equity, labor justice, and the common good in the Academy. Contingent faculty chair the Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities

Members of the Academic Labor and Contingent Faculty committee are expected to participate in the following:

  • The ALCF Committee hosts a luncheon each year at the Annual Meeting and is responsible for developing the theme, activities, or speakers during the lunch. Committee members are expected to make every effort to attend.
  • The ALCF holds two or more sessions/panels/roundtables during the Annual Meeting. The group also cosponsors sessions with other committees and program units. Often committee members are asked to be panelists or respondents in these sessions, and it's important that they attend as many ALCF-sponsored events as possible during the meeting.
  • During the Annual Meetings, ALCF members participate in a Ribbon campaign, occasional poster campaign, and occasional hosting of union organizers in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Some committee members may be asked to also serve on the Annual Meeting Travel Grant jury.

Meeting Schedule

  • One in-person committee meeting at the Annual Meeting in November
  • Quarterly virtual meetings via Zoom

Timeline of Activities

  • March 1 - date by which to have date, theme, and total number of available spots for Annual Meeting luncheon
  • April 1 - date by which to have Special Topics Forums complete (with speakers and description)

Recommended Resources

Recent Reports

Data Sources

Advocacy and Support

Committee Members

  • Term of Service: Committee members serve a four year, non-renewable term. The AAR Contingent Faculty Director serves a three-year term as co-chair.
  • Committee Composition: Up to nine members. The committee is co-chaired by at least one contingent faculty member and the AAR Contingent Faculty Director.
Full NameTerm StartTerm EndPosition
Willie J. Jennings1/1/202212/31/2024Co-Chair
Dr. Patrick B. Reyes11/20/202311/22/2026Co-Chair
Roy Fisher1/1/202412/31/2027Committee Member
Teresa J. Hornsby1/1/202112/31/2024Committee Member
Minjung Noh1/1/202412/31/2027Committee Member
Dr. Shan Overton1/1/202312/31/2026Committee Member
Dr. C. Melissa Snarr1/1/202212/31/2025Committee Member
Rachel Toombs1/1/202112/31/2024Committee Member
Claudia Schippert8/1/2023 Staff Liaison