Past Winners

Collaborative International Research Grants

2022-2023 Winners

Susannah Crockford, University of Exeter
Stephen Christopher Johnson, University of Copenhagen
Ioannis Gaitanidis, Chiba University
Business Spirits: Contested Terrains of Trade Models and Religious Value

Jeremy Farrel, New York University Abu Dhabi
Nizar Habash, New York University Abu Dhabi
Antonio Musto, New York University
Giovanni DiRusso, Harvard University
One Language, Many Paths: Modeling Epistemological Claims about God in a Corpus of Arabic Texts from the 9th–10th centuries CE using Natural Language Processing

Robert Geraci, Manhattan College
Yong Sup Song, Youngnam Theological University & Seminary
Cross-cultural Religious Values and the Development of Ethical AI

Sonia Hazard, Florida State University
Elizabeth Cecil, Florida State University
Birgit Meyer, Utrecht University
Daniela De Simone, Ghent University
Material Ecologies: Indigeneity, Objects, and Environments in the Study of Religion

2020-2021 Winners

Rahimjon Abdugafurov, Emory University
Sherzod Eraliev, University of Helsinki
Donohon Abdugafurova, Emory University
Migrant Religiosity: Uzbek Muslims in Moscow and New York

Michael Ostling, Arizona State University
Kateryna Dysa, National University of Kyiv
Hab. Katarzyna Kotyńska, Polish Academy of Sciences
Łukasz Hajdrych, Polish Academy of Sciences
Translating the Early Modern Devil into and out of Polish: (Mis)Understanding Preternatural Beings across Time and Space

Siniša Zrinščak, University of Zagreb
Laura R. Olson, Clemson University
Marko Veković, University of Belgrade
Democracy from behind the Altar: Social and Political Values of Clergy in the Post-Conflict Balkans

Vincent Lloyd, Villanova University
Majid Daneshgar, University of Freiburg
Edward Said in Religious Studies: North America and the Middle East

Reid B. Locklin, University of Toronto
Mara Brecht, Loyola University Chicago
Anne M. Carpenter, St. Mary’s College of California
Darren Dias, University of St. Michael’s College
Christiaan Jacobs-Vandegeer, Australian Catholic University
Mary Beth Yount, Neumann University
Lonergan in the Post-Colony American Academy of Religion

Florence Pasche Guignard, Université Laval
Pascale F. Engelmajer, Carroll University
Giulia Pedrucci, University of Verona
Sucharita Sarkar, D.T.S.S. College of Commerce
Beyond Mother Goddesses: New Directions for International Scholarship on Motherhood in Religious Studies

2019-2020 Winners

Garry Sparks, George Mason University
Saqijix Candelaria Dominga López Ixcoy, Universidad Rafael Landívar
Translating the Americas’ First Theology

Amy L. Allocco, Elon University
Xenia Zeiler, University of Helsinki
Sweetening and Intensification: Processes and Currents Shaping Hindu Ritual Practices in Contemporary South Asia

Zaynab El Bernoussi, Al Akhawayn University
Nermeen Mouftah, Butler University
Morocco’s Abandoned Children: Islam, Law, and the Regulation of Care and Kinship

Anna Andreeva, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies
Jessey J.C. Choo, Rutgers University,
Hsin-Yi Lin, Fo Guang University
Daniela Tan, Zurich University
Religion, Medicine, and Women’s Health in Premodern East Asia

Leonard Norman Primiano, Cabrini University
Thorsten Wettich, University of Bremen
Lutheran and German identification - Influence of Liturgical Observance and Theological Education

Fortune Sibanda, Great Zimbabwe University
Ezra Chitando, University of Zimbabwe
Rosalind I. J. Hackett, University of Tennessee
Rastafari in Africa: Religious, Political, and Cultural Presence

2018-2019 Winners

Gil Ben-Herut, University of South Florida
R. V. S. Sundaram, University of Mysore
Ragaḷe Stories of Śiva’s Saints: First Translation to English

Steven Engler, Mount Royal University
Ângela Cristina Borges Marques, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas
Guaraci M. Dos Santos, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas
Alexandre Frank Silva Kaitel, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas
Ritual Polyphony in Afro-Brazilian Religions

Katherine Ewing, Columbia University
Meriem El-Haitimi, Université Internationale de Rabat
Badr Guennoun, Université Internationale de Rabat
Reshaping MIddle-Class Subjectivities through the Reinvention of Sufism in Morocco

Adrian Hermann, University of Bonn
Deirdre de la Cruz, University of Michigan
Jayeel Cornelio, Ateneo de Manila University
The Philippines as a Site of Religion: Regional Connections and Global Entanglements

Leonard Norman Primiano, Cabrini University
Thorsten Wettich, Georg-August-University Göttingen
Lutheran and German identification at the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (Philadelphia)

Corey Williams, Leiden University
Oladimeji R. Ogunoye, Obafemi Awolowo University
Transnational Pentecostalism in the Age of #MeToo: Sexual Violence and Harassment From Lagos to Los Angeles

2017–2018 Winners

Ann Gleig, University of Central Florida, USA
Brooke Schedneck, Rhodes College, USA
Elizabeth Williams-Oerberg, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Routes to Shangri-La: The Emergence of Ladakh as a Global Buddhist Destination

Gregory P. Grieve,  University of North Carolina, Greensboro, USA
Christopher Helland, Dalhousie University, Canada
Kerstin Radde-Antweiler, University of Bremen, Germany
Xenia Zeiler, University of Helsinki, Finland
Religion and Video Game Development in Asia – National Identities, Nationalism and Radicalization

Matthew B. Ingalls, American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Michael V. Pérez, University of Washington, USA
Somos Chilenos, Somos Musulmanes:  Localizing Islam in Chile

June McDaniel, College of Charleston, USA
Andrea Acri, École Pratique des Hautes Études, France
The History, Rituals, and Roles of the Pedandas of Bali

Younus Mirza, Allegheny College, USA 
Johanna Pink, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
The Production of Exegetical Orthodoxy: A Global Modern Publication History of the Qur’anic Commentary of Ibn Kathir (d. 1373)

Fatima Tofighi, University of Religions and Denominations, Iran
Thomas Lynch, University of Chichester, UK
Ulrich Schmiedel, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
Hannah Strømmen, University of Chichester, UK
Liberalism’s Islams and Islam’s Liberalisms Constructing a Contrast in a Paradigmatic Period

2016–2017 Winners

Yaqoob Bangash, IT University of the Punjab, Pakistan
Arun W. Jones, Emory University, USA
“Dear Sisters, let us go on a little trip”: The Religious of Jesus and Mary and Women’s Education in Colonial Punjab, 1856–1947

Deidre Green, Brigham Young University, USA
Amy Hoyt, University of the Pacific, USA
Gertrude Fester, Sol Plaatje University, South Africa
Kristen J. Leslie, Eden Theological Seminary, USA
Julie Allen, Brigham Young University, USA
Women, Religion, and Transitional Justice: Ethnographic Research in Rwanda

Azfar Moin, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Noman Baig, Habib University, Pakistan
Saint Shrines and Sovereignty in Pakistan

Lauren Pfister, Hong Kong Baptist University
Ricardo Mak King Sang, Hong Kong Baptist University
Tatiana L. Pang, Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Piotr Adamek, Monumenta Serica, Germany
A Comparative Sinological Assessment of The Four Books and Its Commentaries by Zhu Xi Produced in the 1820s by the Russian Orthodox Missionary-Scholar Iakinf (1777–1852)

Ute Possekel, Harvard Divinity School, USA
J. F. Coakley, Cambridge University, UK
Liturgy, Learning, and Exegesis in Late Antique Persia: Thomas of Edessa’s Explanations of the Feasts

Tehseen Thaver, Bard College, USA
Hamed Fayazi, Qom Islamic Seminary, Iran
Operations of Ambiguity in Medieval Shi‘i Qur’an Commentaries

2015–2016 Winners

Andrea Acri, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore
Verena H. Meyer, Columbia University, USA
Sex and Transgression as Ways to God in 19th Century Java: The Suluk Lonthang between Islam, Tantrism, and Javanism

Robert Geraci, Manhattan College, USA
Renny Thomas, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi, India
Ayudha Puja in Academia and Industry

Sarah Jacoby, Northwestern University, USA
Padma 'tsho, Southwest University for Nationalities, China
The Formation of Female Religious Exemplars in Tibet

Jens Kreinath, Wichita State University, USA
Marianne Moyaert, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
On Inter-rituality: Comparing local theologies of shared religious practice at Christian-Muslim pilgrimage sitesan exploration

Gaël Hily, Université Rennes 2, France
Geneviève Pigeon, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Colloque Migrations et territoires celtiques: religions, croyances, traditions

2014–2015 Winners

Chad Bauman, Butler University, USA
James Ponniah, University of Madras, India
Christians and Religious Violence in Sri Lanka

Amber L. Griffioen, University of Konstanz, Germany
Mohammad Sadegh Zahedi, Imam Khomeini International University, Iran
Longing, Suffering, and Love in Medieval Christian and Islamic Mysticism

Christian Haskett, Centre College, USA
Rana P.B. Singh, Banaras Hindu University, India
Varanasi’s Tiny Temples and the Making of Hinduism

John J. McGraw, Aarhus University, Denmark
Ronald Fischer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dimitris Xygalatas, University of Connecticut, USA
Divination & Decision-Making: Ritual Techniques of Distributed Cognition in the Guatemalan Highlands

SherAli Tareen, Franklin and Marshall College, USA
Waris Mazhari, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, India
The Politics and Poetics of Islamic Law in Contemporary South Asia

2013–2014 Winners

Afe Adogame, University of Edinburgh, UK
Damaris Parsitau, Egerton University, Kenya
The Feminization of New Immigrant African Pentecostal Diasporic Religious Cultures

Jesudas Athyal, Boston Theological Institute, USA
Joshua Kalapati, Madras Christian College, India
A Comparative Study of the Identity and Social Distinctions among Indian Christians, at Home and in the Diaspora

Holly Gayley, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Padmatsho, Southwest University for Nationalities, China
Monastic Ideals and Nomadic Lived Realities: Buddhist Ethical Reform on the Ground in Contemporary Tibet

Hwansoo Kim, Duke University, USA
Brian Bocking, University College Cork, Ireland
Richard M. Jaffe, Duke University, USA
Shin’ichi Yoshinaga, Maizuru National College of Technology, Japan
Asian Buddhism: Plural Colonialisms and Plural Modernities—Workshop #3

Joel Lee, Columbia University, USA
Masood Alam Falahi, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti University, India
Carla Bellamy, Baruch College, USA
Manpreet Kaur, Vysoka Skola Muzickych Umeni Theatre Academy, Slovak Republic
Contesting Untouchability in Islam: the Religious History of Dalit Muslims in India

Ariana Maki, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Yonten Dargye, National Library and Archives of Bhutan, Bhutan
Historical Artists of Bhutan