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Mark Graves and Cyrus Olsen 

Books and Publications

"Compassionate AI and the Alignment Problem," Theology and Science, Volume 22, 2024 - Issue 1


"How can an interreligious and interdisciplinary focus on compassion address concerns about aligning artificial intelligence (AI) with human values and flourishing? As researchers at AI and Faith, we believe pluralist perspectives on compassion serve as an alternative analytical frame to the notions of reason and rationality that are typically privileged in deliberations on AI/AI ethics. Our desire is to ensure that religious wisdom around compassion informs future developments of AI/ML (machine learning) to align it with human values and flourishing. We hope to expand current ethical attention on responsible AI by emphasizing respect for human dignity in the context of responses to human suffering in a global economic and ecological context. In this editorial, we describe a pluralist foundation for our project."

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