AAR Member Spotlight

Below, find brief interviews with AAR members making waves in their departments, institutions, and communities—as well as AAR at large!

If you would like to submit a member for a spotlight interview, please email [email protected] with the member's name and a blurb about their involvement with the AAR.

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August 2022

Simran Jeet Singh

"I was trained as a historian of early modern South Asia, and my dissertation focused on the formation of the Sikh tradition."

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May 2022

Amaryah Armstrong

"Black studies, theological studies, and cultural studies are the general fields I work within, whereas black feminist theory, political theology, and literary studies are some of my foundational areas of expertise."

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January 2022

Asma Afsaruddin

"My field of study is Islamic Studies broadly defined; more narrowly, Islamic political and religious thought of the pre-modern and modern periods."

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July 2022

Kate Soules

"My expertise is in religious literacy and the intersections of religion and public education in the United States."

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April 2022

Shenila Khoja-Moolji

"I examine wide-ranging issues across Gender and Islam, from humanitarian care and political violence to Muslim ethics and migrant belongings."

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December 2021

Wendy Mallette

"My dissertation centers on lesbian feminist writings of the 1960s-80s and intervenes in conversations[...]in feminist/queer theory, theology, and religious studies."

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October 2021

Evan Berry

"My work explores[...]the ways that religious ideas and vocabularies shape and constrain how various publics[...]respond to environmental crises..."

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June 2022

Christopher Carter

"I am a decolonial theological ethicist whose work explores the intersections of religion, race, and the environment with particular attention to food and animals."

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March 2022

Debra Mason

"I've overseen the creation of resources to help journalists do a better job reporting and writing on faith and values."

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November 2021

Margaret Kamitsuka

"For me, the saying from comparative religion is true: the person who knows only one religion knows no religion."

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