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Teaching Religious Studies Series

The Teaching Religious Studies Series locates itself at the intersection of pedagogical concerns and the substantive content of religious studies. Each volume provides scholarly and pedagogic discussion about a key topic (e.g., a text, theme, or thinker) of significance for teaching and scholarship in religious studies. Volumes typically comprise essays setting the topic within its historical context and locating the work within the traditions of religious studies, and an array of brief essays that discuss pedagogical and theoretical problems relevant to teaching the topic in a range of contexts. Volumes may also include primary sources and guides to reference tools. Taken together, the pieces collected in each volume place the topic firmly within the religious studies context and raise challenging questions about its role in teaching and in the field more generally. The series is designed to be useful and of interest to several groups, including new teachers, those who are teaching a subject for the first time or in a new context, teacher-scholars, and students interested in the specific topic. The Teaching Religious Studies Series seeks creative ideas that represent the best of our work as teachers and scholars.

This series is under review and not currently accepting new submissions. Contact director of publications, Sarah Levine ([email protected]) with questions.

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Teaching Interreligious Encounters

Marc A. Pugliese Alexander Y. Hwang


Teaching Civic Engagement

Forrest Clingerman Reid B. Locklin


Teaching the I Ching (Book of Changes)

Geoffrey Redmond Tze-Ki Hon


Teaching Buddhism

Todd Lewis Gary DeAngelis


Teaching Religion and Violence

Brian K. Pennington


Teaching Mysticism

William B. Parsons


Teaching Jung

Kelly Bulkeley Clodagh Weldon


Teaching Undergraduate Research in Religious Studies

Bernadette McNary-Zak Rebecca Todd Peters


Teaching Death and Dying

Christopher M. Moreman


Teaching Religion and Film

Gregory J. Watkins


Teaching the Daode Jing

Gary Delaney DeAngelis Warren G. Frisina


Teaching Confucianism

Jeffrey L. Richey