Chief Regional Officers

  • Term of Office: Three years, renewable
  • Composition: One chief regional officer from each of the nine AAR regions
Full NameTerm StartTerm EndPositionRegion
Dr. Matthew Vaughan11/20/202311/22/2026ChairRNE
Ronald Bernier3/1/20223/1/2025Committee MemberRNE
Dr. Cindy Dawson4/6/20234/6/2026Committee MemberRSW
Jeremy Fricke4/1/20224/1/2025Committee MemberRRMGP
Dr. Sarah Marie Gallant5/23/20235/23/2026Committee MemberRPNW
Philippa Koch6/1/20236/1/2026Committee MemberRMW
Chris Miller7/1/20227/1/2025Committee MemberREIR
Anne Wills3/14/20233/14/2026Committee MemberRSE
Nichole Franklin4/15/2022 Staff Liaison 
Marchell Jackson  Staff Liaison