Carbon Offsets

The AAR is making it easy for members to purchase certified carbon offsets through the SBL and AAR Annual Meetings. By simply clicking a box during the registration process, members can choose to address their emissions by supporting renewable energy projects in the US through a $15 carbon offset fee.

The AAR’s Sustainability Task Force selected NativeEnergy because of its commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, while also driving community level social and economic co-benefits through their carbon reduction projects. NativeEnergy helps assist Native American, farmer-owned, community-based renewable energy projects that create social, economic, and environmental benefits. These projects displace electricity from fossil fuels and reduce other greenhouse gas emissions. Your support helps bring these impactful projects to life!

The AAR and SBL collected a total of $12,588 from the 2019 Annual Meetings in San Diego for this carbon offset program. Along with a $500 donation for the AAR and SBL’s staff travel, we sent NativeEnergy a check for $13,088. To learn more about NativeEnergy, visit

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