2020 AAR Election Results

October 27, 2020

AAR Board of Directors

We have completed elections for the AAR Board of Directors. Amir Hussain has been elected Vice President, Laurel C. Schneider has been elected Secretary, Nicole C. Kirk has been elected Contingent Faculty Director, and Brian K. Pennington has been elected Regions Director.

Congratulations to Amir, Laurel, Nicole, and Brian. They join our board at an exciting time in our history.

Our thanks to Sharon D. Welch, Ted Vial, Mary O’Shan Overton, and Elizabeth Coody for their willingness to stand for election.

Vice President, Amir Hussain; Secretary, Laurel C. Schneider; Contingent Faculty Director, Nicole C. Kirk; Regions Director, Brian K. Pennington.

AAR Ombudspersons

We have also completed the elections for the ombudsperson positions. Katherine Downey and Bobbi (Barbara A.B.) Patterson have been elected as AAR Ombudspersons.

We are grateful to Marsha Foster Boyd and Nancy J. Ramsay for their willingness to stand in this election.

Ombudsperson, Katherine Downey; Ombudsperson, Bobbi (Barbara A.B.) Patterson.

I hope to see you at this year’s Virtual Annual Meeting!

Alice Hunt
Executive Director