2020-2021 Individual Research Grants Awarded

Congratulations to This Year's Winners!

Every year, the AAR awards individual research grants, ranging from $500 to $5,000, to support important aspects of scholarly projects, such as field work and travel to archives and libraries. These projects are proposed by AAR members and selected by the AAR Research Grants Jury.

2020–2021 Individual Research Grant Winners

Anne Blankenship, North Dakota State University
Religion, Race, and Immigration: How American Jews, Catholics, and Protestants Faced Mass Immigration, 1882-1924

Gudrun Buhnemann, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Patanjali as an Authority on Yoga

Stewart Clem, Aquinas Institute of Theology
Free Speech, Hate Speech, and the Christian Theological Tradition

Niki Clements, Rice University
Michel Foucault and Ethics in a Time of Crisis

Nicole Kirk, Meadville Lombard Theological School
Railroad Religion: American Religion on the Move

Candace Lukasik, Washington University in St. Louis
Middle Eastern Christians and the War on Terror: Coptic Christians as Martyrs and Migrants

Leonard McKinnis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Divine Blackness: Race, Religion, and Imagination in the Study of Diasporic African American Religion

Mandy McMichael, Baylor University
Pageant Preachers: Cultural Ordination and Women's Quest for Power

S Brent Rodriguez-Plate, Hamilton College
The Spiritual Life of Dolls: Religious Technologies from Adam to Barbie to AI

Merin Shobhana Xavier, Queen's University
The Dervishes of the North: Rumi, Sufism and the Making of Popular Spirituality in Canada