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Clement Yung Wen

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An ‘Open-Ended Distinctiveness’: The Contemporary Relevance of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Participatory Ecclesiology and Ecumenism for World Christianity

From the publisher:

"Insofar as the twentieth century has often been referred to as ‘the ecumenical century’, the twenty-first seems poised to become known as ‘the century of World Christianity’. Into this situation, the present study seeks to show the ongoing relevance of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s ecclesiological and ecumenical proposals and, in doing so, finds that his eschatologically-oriented and historically-rooted emphasis upon an ‘open-ended distinctiveness’ is exactly the kind of corrective that the emerging theological paradigm of World Christianity needs if it wants not only to stay contextually ‘open-ended’, but remain ‘distinctively’ Christian in outlook and character as well."

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