AAR Book Series

The AAR publishing program with Oxford University Press produces quality scholarship for scholars of religion. This includes hundreds of titles, many of which have become essential tools in the development of the field and in the training of new scholars. The five current book series are:

Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion
Religion, Culture, and History
Religion in Translation
Teaching Religious Studies

OUP also publishes titles originally published by AAR through Scholars Press.

Latest Books


Against High-Caste Polygamy

Ishvarchandra Vidyasagar Brian A. Hatcher


Jewish Piety in Islamic Jerusalem

Jessica Andruss


World of Worldly Gods

Kelzang Tashi


The Higher Objectives of Islamic Theology

Mohammed Abdelnour


Modern Virtue

Emily Dumler-Winckler


The Luminous Way to the East

Matteo Nicolini-Zani

Book Series

Academy Series

The Academy Series is devoted to publishing books that originate as dissertations in the field of religious studies. The series seeks to reflect the full range of cultural areas and methodological approaches in the field.

Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion Series

The Series in Reflection and Theory in the Study of Religion is broadly concerned with theories of religion, the history and nature of religious studies, religious thought, theological investigation, and the philosophy of religion.

Religion, Culture, and History Series

The Religion, Culture, and History Series publishes scholarly work that addresses the relation between religious studies and cultural studies/theory. It brings new and disparate voices into the academic debate on issues related to the interdependence of cultural and religious phenomena.

Religion in Translation Series

The Religion in Translation Series seeks to make available to research scholars and classroom teachers alike significant primary texts in English translation, important secondary scholarship on religious texts, and reprints of major theoretical works in the field of religious studies.

Teaching Religious Studies Series

The Teaching Religious Studies Series locates itself at the intersection of pedagogical concerns and the substantive content of religious studies. Each volume provides scholarly and pedagogic discussion about a key topic (e.g., a text, theme, or thinker) of significance for teaching and scholarship in religious studies.

Legacy Series

Oxford University Press continues to publish volumes originally published by Scholars Press in cooperation with the AAR. These legacy series include: Aids for Study of Religion, Classics in Religious Studies, Studies in Religion, Thematic Studies, and American Academy of Religion Series.