Find Your Reference Number

2022 Annual Meeting

You'll need your reference number to log into the Virtual Annual Meeting via the mobile app or virtual planner. If you can't find your number in your email inbox, you can look it up in your AAR member profile by following the instructions below.

  1. Sign into your AAR account
  2. Click your name (top right corner) to go to your member profile page

    screenshot of the AAR website showing the buttons in the top right corner. The member name is circled with an arrow pointing to it.

  3. Click the "My Participation" tab in the left-hand panel, and you'll find "Reference #" under the "Annual Meeting Registrations" section

    A screenshot of an AAR member profile with an arrow pointing to the section that says "Reference #".

  4. You can now log into the virtual planner with your reference number and last name
    • Username = reference number
    • Password = last name